Screen Printing


A stencil of your design is created and used to apply the ink to the fabric. The ink on a screen printed design comes out vibrant and colorful, even on darker fabrics. Screen printing is a great option for large orders with simpler designs and fewer colors.




For embroidered items, a copy of your design is digitized and sent over to the embroidery machines. Then, these machines get to work threading the design into the fabric. Embroidery looks great on baseball caps, polos, and more! The result always comes out very professional and high quality.


Heat Transfers


Using this method, your design will stick to just about anything. As the name implies, a heat transfer is done by applying heat directly to the design to adhere it to the material. A great example of this are the names and numbers on sports jerseys. 


Direct to Garment


For detailed images, or designs with many colors, direct to garment is the way to go. Using this method, designs are printed directly into the fabric for a clean, precise finish that is sure to hold up in the wash. DTG is also very cost effective for smaller orders.


Promotional Items


If you aren’t in the market for custom apparel, no worries- that’s not all we do! Custom LogoWare is a jack of all trades, and we can customize just about anything. Whether you need 20 custom water bottles or 500 custom pens, we’ve got you covered. 


Custom Design Assistance


Graphic design not your thing? Don’t let that stop you! We have an extensive network of talented designers that can make sure your design will turn heads.